After Exposing ‘Christian’ Kanyari, Mohammed Ali Comes To The Defense of ‘Muslim’ Terrorists


He has never been a favourite of Jubilee fans, mostly because of his anti-government statements. A few weeks ago, he came under intense attack on social media after dissing the President for stepping out in military wear. Many of those commenting on his Facebook and Twitter accounts called him petty and a CORD sympathiser.

After his incredible work on the Pastor Kanyari exposé two weeks ago, he did well to return to Kenyans’ good books. The ground shaking investigative piece was the talking point for days and the repercussions are still being felt.

On Sunday night, police in Mombasa raided two mosques and arrested 251 youths. One person is reported to have died in the scuffle. Several grenades and machetes were found in the places of worship.

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Mohammed Ali felt that the weapons were planted, and that by the government attacking a Mosque, it is an attack against Islam.

He also posted a photo of Obama removing his shoes as he enters a mosque vs our police raiding it with their shoes on.

With all honesty, if the occupants of the mosque do not respect it by preaching peace as true Islam requires, why should anyone respect it on their behalf. And logically speaking, I do not expect to see police leaving their boots outside. That would be more of comedy.

Looking at his tweets objectively, some actually make a lot of sense, but most Kenyans will not see it that way. I think the problem with Moha is he doesn’t know when to shut up.

You don’t expose a christian leader accused of petty theft and shout for his prosecution today, and then tomorrow you are defending some muslim leaders accused of terrorism.

Here are some of the tweets he posted.

That last tweet received quite the reply from this fella.

Tsonie De Smallz – Haha look at yourself …who said a teacher teaching 251 students require 251 blackboards??dont reason like uneducated fellow

As expected, lots of people were angered by those statements. It gave new life to the rumour that he is an ‘Al Shabaab sympathiser’.

Here are some comments from his Twitter mentions and his Facebook page.

@wakajuaness – It was not an attack against Islam. So Muslims should just hide guns and grenades in Mosqs coz they’re MUSLIMS?

‏@DonVictorSimon – how comes Koja n Thika Mosques have never been raided?. If a church or mosque houses terror let it raided 

@sammongare – muslim is a religion..people shud differenciate muslims and terrorists.

@njerivirginia3 – y r u always against govt???when its regarding ur pple “ALSHABAAB” u r so vocal??u really piss me off n why cant u b kenyan??

@J22mbutch – It was easy to expose kanyari but u accept the rot in muslim #hypocrate

@Muki254 – @MohaJichoPevu Dont try and defend the indefensible or you will loose credibility. Actually u already have.

 ‏@Karanimutonga – You’re clearly a terrorism mouthpiece. You seem to know so much about weapons. Talking against police combating terrorism.

 ‏@njerivirginia3 – if alshabab r trained in the mosque let them b flashed out,like mungiki was done,is he an NGO or journali

Sonny Agnes Muthoni – After the expose on KANYARI,good stuff btw,still waiting for the day u will do an expose on RADICALISATION.still double standards.

Jahkano Komolo – if it was a holy place, the youths could have not been holding grenades, and discussing how ti kill. in fact the so cold masjid mosque should be filled by fie aces. i expected peace to be discussed in a holy house of allah and not violence

Trina N Jones – Moha, a once great investigative journalist, reduced himself to a man creating hatred between different religions……do you call that a career growth by any chance? Just see the comments on this thread..Kenyan already fighting each other….Please grow up and be an inspiration in future and not a warning to the future generations. I used to watch jicho pevu without fail…..but its all lost its essence now, its more of a personal journey to you now.

Billy Philis Wachira – Xo its ok wen u xpose pastors who are stealing frm people and everyone wants to shake ua hand 4 job wel done but its lack of respect 4 u wen police bring to book terrorist frm a mosque?b real n lets see the real me which is worse:decieving pipo 4 money or killing pipo?HOUSE OF ALLAH IN DEED!!!!!

David Kinyanjui – moha u hv dissapointed ur supporters by this youths are being arrested from those mosques and are found in possession of guns and granade and u talk of respect ?shame on u moha ur just a hypocrate

Kabs Billy – n by the way did anyone condem u 4 intefering wit pastors kanyaris service in ur investigatns?tats cz he was a the same wit ur pipo.

Paul Ngugi Muoho – @busy supporting terror activities…shame on you i thought you are an educated

Henry Kibui – That particular place lost its holiness the moment some people made it a den of planning murders & an arms depot..Respect to all peace loving muslims.

@BobNgache – criminals are criminals even if they are being hosted in a church, mosque, ama hata kwa nyumba,

Bethuel Kemboi – You’re fast degenerating into a real Terrorist not just a sympathizer and GOK must deal with you decisively.

Moses Blue Qakneyru – so you are a terrorist,now we always supporting attacks by your brothers and always complain of doubt you might be sponsoring them by giving them capital to acquire are just a terrorist hiding in journalism

Josh Kanyi – Mohammed Ali! You, ve been found out for what you are! An al shabaab/ al qaeda sympathizer.

Daniel Ndichu – Moha u can not hide things under the carpet. Very simple u r aalshababu sympathiser dont deserve to b a journalist. Remember u came clearly n said makaburi is innocent , when even his wife knew him as killer


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