Desperate Couple advertises for Egg donor in the dailies

A couple describing themselves as “accomplished, caring, secure and happy” has advertised for an egg donor on Friday.

The couple seem to be from abroad have opted to contact potential candidates directly and not through an agency as is usually the case.

The advert which appeared in the Daily Nation newspaper requested for a woman between 18 and 30 years to donate the egg.

“We hope to find someone with a height of 5’6″ – 5’8″. You must be healthy, non-smoker with a university degree or in the process of getting one,” the advert reads.

The couple who “hope to find somebody with light to moderate skin tone” added that the candidate must be able to make at least five visits to a highly respected fertility donor.

Egg donation usually involves in vitro fertilization technology with the egg being fertilized in a laboratory.

According to the Nairobi IVF Centre’s website, a clinic located in Lavington, an infertile couple may need to receive donated eggs mainly due to lose of function of ovaries.

“Such infertile couples may need an egg donor in order to help them achieve a pregnancy. Some are fortunate enough to have a relative or close friend who may be in a position to donate eggs. However, the majority do not have a ‘known’ donor and so are waiting for ’anonymous’ donor to become available.” the statement on the IVF Centre’s site reads.

According to the site, egg donors are women with a minimum of 18 years and less than 30 years of age.


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