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Oprah WinfreyThe news making the round on social media that the popular TV host Oprah Winfrey has been diagnosed of terminal cancer and that she has just 12 Weeks to live is a hoax. A painstaking search on the Internet did not turn up any meaningful lead, as no credible news media anywhere in the world reported this.

Our Google search shows that the sensational news is the figment of the imagination of NAHA (Negros Against Hairline Abuse), African bloggers and social media commentators. Oprah is such a big fish for such heartrending news to “escape” the prying eye ofCNN, The Guardian, Times, and other media heavy weights and be caught by such paper tiger as NAHA.

Our guess is that this fake story of Oprah Winfrey dying in 12 weeks originated from Chicago based NAHA, being the only foreign media that carried the story. To show how mischievous and desperate NAHA was to send its fake story across to as many world audience as possible and to make it look credible, it created and used a Fake TMZ Breaking News twitter handle to tweet its story link. Why “negros” should do this to a fellow “negro” is what beats me. To those who did not know, here is TMZ Official Twitter handle.

Our main concern here in Xclusive Magazine is that Nigerian bloggers and Nigerians are running away with this fake story; reposting the fake story on their blogs and sharing it on social media, Facebook in particular. We don’t need to mention names, just do a google search: Oprah Given 12 Weeks to Live After Cancer Diagnosis, and see the links that turn up: West African (social) media links, mostly Nigerian (social) media links.

But while Nigerian rumour mongers are busy helping NAHA to spread its fake story, a fellow Nigerian, David Oyewelo, is making big buzz and bucks with Oprah Winfrey. People magazine reports that Oprah’s ever biggest challenge is the making of Ava DuVernay’s Selma, a film about Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic 1965 march for voting rights, which she produced and co-stars.


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