Kuria Kanyingi Shocking wish-No political speeches, media coverage, donations

The family of Kuria Kanyingi Thursday said the former Limuru MP gave an order that the media should not take photos at his burial.

Family members said the former legislator gave instructions that the media can only take photos of the coffin carrying his body while leaving the mortuary or at the airport, in case he died abroad, but not at his home.

And Thursday, family members blocked journalists from taking photos at Kanyingi’s Tigoni home.

Kanyingi died on Tuesday at a hospital in India. Preparations are underway to bring the body back home.

They said Kanyingi also instructed that the family should not accept donations to cater for the funeral expenses.

“He had told us he used to help people and he needed nobody’s help when he dies. In fact he had asked us not to accept anybody’s money in form of condolence, and if anyone takes it unknowingly, the money should be taken to any church as his donation,” one of his sisters said.

Kanyingi also ordered against political speeches during the funeral service, funeral announcements on radio and newspapers.

He wants a private burial and is said to have prepared his own grave.

The family members who talked to the media also declined to give their names to journalists, saying they did not want to offend Kanyingi in his death.

“We respected him so much and he had instructed us not to allow any media to cover his story when he dies,” one of his sister said.

“You should know that we are not denying you a lot of information, it’s just that we want to keep his words.”

Sources from Kanyingi’s home said some family members have flown to India to bring the body home before the end of this week.

Burial date is yet to be set and arrangements will start as soon as the body arrives in the country.

Kanyingi, who has died aged 71, became popular when he was Kanu’s Kiambu branch during retired President Daniel Moi’s era.


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