Mandera attack:North-eastern leaders ask govt to deal decisively with criminals


supkem-picLeaders from north-eastern Kenya have urged the government to deal decisively with all types of criminals to ensure that the sanctity of the lives of Kenyans is respected.

The leaders, who termed the Saturday bus attack in Mandera as an aggression against the sovereignty of the country, said the intention of the attackers is to create religious disharmony between peace-loving Kenyans who have co-existed tranquilly for many years.

At least 28 people were killed on Saturday morning after suspected Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a Nairobi-bound bus.

The Islamist group based in the neighbouring war-torn Somalia claimed responsibility for the attack.

Led by the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) vice chairman for north-eastern region Sheikh Abdullahi Sirat and leaders drawn from the business community, peace builders and opinion leaders, they called on the government to firmly deal with all criminals groups.

“Muslim leaders under their umbrella Supkem, its affiliates and al the residents of north-eastern region condemn the heinous act of murder against innocent people who dedicated their lives to serve the people of the region selflessly” said Mr Sirat at a press conference in Garissa Town.

He said that Islam totally prohibits any form of harm, leave alone killing of fellow human beings, noting that the blood of another human being is sacred.

The national vice chairman of Kenya Livestock Market Council (KLMC) Mr Dubat Amey said by sorting out Muslims and brutally killing non-Muslims the militants are clearly hell-bent to create religious conflict in the country.


“These people (Al-Shabab) are on a dangerous mission to set Kenya into flames the way they did to their own country by selectively targeting people perceived to be non-Muslim in their attacks,” he said.

Mr Amey said Kenyans needed to be careful not to fall into this dangerous trap which has been used by some criminals in other parts of the world to achieve their agenda.

The leaders called upon the three governors of Garissa, Wajir and Mandera to pull resources together and pay for the funeral expenses of the victims of the Saturday attack noting that they must work with the National Government to make sure the criminals are eliminated.

Iman Sigat, the chairperson of Fafi District peace committee urged the government to take full charge of the security of its people and eliminate criminals including Al-Shabaab which were giving Kenyans sleepless night and taking innocent lives through their barbaric and indiscriminate attacks on civilians.

“We urge the President to take charge of the security of the country and deal decisively with criminals who are assaulting the country’s sovereignty. The time of talking is now over and we want to see the recurrent attacks on civilians and civil servants stopped immediately,” he said.

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