‘Psychopath’ Victor Kanyari Denies Jicho Pevu Allegations


One of the commenters in the Prophet Kanyari Jicho Pevu story described people of his character (conning people in the name of God with no remorse) as psychopaths.

Reading reactions from social media accounts believed to be his, I start to think this may be the case. Instead of taking a back seat to watch how this unfolds, Kanyari was quite busy on Facebook and Twitter rubbishing the hard evidence tabled by Mohammed Ali and John Allan Namu.

Recording clips of witnesses coaching was perhaps the biggest and most important piece of investigative work in this series, and judging by the number of MPs and Senators commenting on social media, I would be surprised if this does not get to the floor of the house.

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Writing on Facebook, Kanyari said that Mohammed Ali should not be believed because “he is the same person who said Makaburi and Rogo were good people and that Jubilee did not win the elections.

Here’s the post.


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