Sonko Offers Sh100,000 for Information on Men Who Stipped Woman


Sonko prayingYesterday was on a Sunday, the day when Christian believers go to church to praise and worship God as the lay bare their atrocities, come clean and ask for forgiveness from God. Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko chose to pray for all those men who have been involved in the stripping of women in his county. However, asking for forgiveness from God, he did not spare them as he chose to give an offer of ten thousand shillings to whoever found the culprits.

Mmh! Here is the supplication that Mike Sonko put before God

I PRAY THIS MORNING to God and ask him for his forgiveness. I ask him to forgive the Men who have been STRIPPING LADIES NAKED in major town centres. I ask him to kindly make all those Individuals understand that the 21st century Ladies are very digital and different. I ask him to reign upon us all and bring real peace between those men and those ladies who have been stripped naked. Bring peace God between those who strip women in towns and ladies who fear that their current dresscode may cause them to be embarrassed by individuals who might unknowingly or knowingly choose to strip them naked. Finally dear God, Bless all your people as your Real peace reigns upon this country. I pray all these in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Blessed Sunday Watu Wangu Wote!!

***However, I STRONGLY condemn the Barbaric Act.

And for the sake of Justice & the respect I accord to ALL the Women in this country, I hearby offer a reward of Kshs. 100,000/- to anybody giving information which will lead to the arrest and Prosecution of the Suspects who heartlessly stripped naked a young lady at Embasava Stage along Tom Mboya Street Nairobi last week.

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