Teacher recalls how he survived Mandera attack, wife shot dead as he watched


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Mandera-A teacher who survived the horrific massacre of 28 people has described the the early Saturday morning attack as a scene from hell.

Douglas Ochwodho, 36, told the media how heavily armed al shabaab attackers entered the bus and greeted them. Ochwodho, who is admitted at a local hospital in Mandera, explained how the attackers commandeered the bus and wanted to take it to Somalia but they got stuck in the muddy road.

He said the militias started isolating them, it was then that the killings started. Some of the victims died while others were ordered to alight from the bus. The were then forced to lie down on the muddy road.

It was at this juncture that the militias started shooting their captives on the head. Ochwodho watched helplessly as his wife was shot and her blood may have saved his life.

Ochwodho said when his turn came, the militias started arguing and by some miracle they bypassed him. He said blood was flowing all over and had covered his entire body.

“By lack I together with other two men escaped through the bush after the militia had left the scene, one of them told me he hid behind the passenger door, the other below a seat near the driver’s seat, we did not alight when they ordered us, I left my two friends and ran towards the road where I got a lift to Mandera town, that is all I know,” he said.

The Nairobi bound Makkah bus service was intercepted at the Khadija-Haji/ Beroulyon junction less than seven kilometers from the Kenya-Somalia border.

Kenya Defence Forces are still hunting for the attackers who are said to have walked into Somalia.

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