Video:Ruto Capital FM interview-Gives answers on insecurity,corruption,Police vs Military


NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 18 – Deputy President William Ruto has defended the deployment of Kenya Defence Force (KDF) soldiers in security operations such as the one in Kapedo, saying every means possible must be used to restore order.

Speaking on the ‘Capital In The Morning’ radio show on Tuesday, he indicated that officers deployed in the area have clear instructions to operate within the law.

“The KDF is a Kenyan asset, paid for by the people of Kenya and manned by Kenyans. The KDF is trained for the job of the military but ours also stand out in serving in many peacekeeping efforts everywhere around the world. The KDF legally in accordance with our laws and the Constitution can be deployed to contain situations in our country,” he said.

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“As a country, when the situation demands, we mobilise every resource that we have because security is a major concern to every Kenyan and therefore, I do not think that we should spare any effort and we should spare no resource when the security situation in the country is called to question.”

He further stated that appropriate action has been taken against those who go against the law especially in the operations that they are involved in.

“There are excesses in every situation. But even when you see the situation for example in Kapedo, we have taken action and said that the police and even the KDF must and should operate within the law even as they enforce it. And the excesses that were witnessed are no more, it was just a one day situation. That has been brought under control and it is being managed properly,” he said.

Ruto assured Kenyans that the government is committed to maintaining security across the country in the wake of recent insecurity incidents.

The Deputy President stressed that security chiefs are under firm instructions to ensure security prevails in the country.

“What you get to hear is a real fraction of what really happens. If the police or the Ministry of Interior were to tell citizens how much the police have accomplished; how much terrorist activities have been dealt with – which has not come to the public – you would actually be congratulating our security agencies,” he said.

He said the Jubilee administration hopes to increase police numbers in the country once 10,000 more officers are recruited next year.

The National Police Service Commission has already appealed a High Court decision that nullified the recruitment of 10,000 officers this year, following corruption claims.

“Incidents like the one in Kapedo for example was really an unfortunate incident. It should not have happened, it could have been done better, the same as in Lamu, but believe me, so much has been contained because of intelligence and the synergy that now exists between all our security agencies,” the Deputy President said.

Ruto indicated that a lot was being done on a daily basis behind the scenes and emphasised the need not to focus too much on the unfortunate attacks.

“The things that come out to the public are the things that unfortunately were not captured or dealt with by our security agencies and a lot gets done and accomplished on a daily basis by our intelligence… security agencies and from where I sit, I am very proud about what we do. I know it is very difficult for people to believe it but they do not have the information that I do,” he said. “This is something that we cannot announce. This is security information. You cannot keep saying that we have done this, we have done that, it becomes monotonous.”

He further revealed that appropriate action has been taken on individuals who have gone against the law during security operations.

“That is not to say that we should have excuses for incidents which happen. We are continuously upping our game and we know there are still gaps in between. But let me tell you, if you see the kind of investment that we have made in this sector, whether it comes with equipment, whether it is the synergy that we are creating, whether it is intelligence that we are assembling and the coordination that is going into all that,” he said.

He stated that sometimes President Uhuru Kenyatta spends long hours in ensuring that Kenyans are served properly and it should be a fine example for all leaders.

“I sometimes call the Commander-in-Chief at 1am and he is awake. It is not a simple game. It does not necessarily mean that he must be doing that, but if you have been given a job you must do it, yes, we need to up our game but believe me, a lot is being done,” he stated.

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