Wow:Even The President’s Escort Have a Twitter Account

A joke goes that the biggest achievement by the Jubilee government is opening Twitter accounts.

During the Westgate ordeal, many government handles were verified and there and then we realized they were not parodies. Ole Lenku was operating his own account and his interior ministry was running theirs. Kimaiyo too had his.

Virtually every government office, and official now has a presence on Twitter.

From the look of things, the Presidential Escort, @EscortKE,  has also joined.

This is the info they’ve put on their bio. “Diligently doing our best, working in co-operation with other security forces to keep the President of Kenya safe and in full capacity to serve the nation.”

The account may hit you as a fake at first, but you soon realize that Kimaiyo himself is following.

I don’t know what to make of this.

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