Njeri Mucheru in Diaspora:Culture shock at the US

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Njeri MucheruWe arrived safely in the US and we are enjoying ourselves thoroughly. The days, as expected, are moving fast.  I am still working on email and every day I have to respond to a good number of emails from work. It’s not the same as working in the office.

This is much easier. Nonetheless it means I cannot relax too much. Taking care of the children and doing housework is keeping me on my toes. The jetlag has been quite a bother as the children have been waking up in the wee hours of the night and taking naps during the day.

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I am yet to get a full night’s rest since we arrived. I love my sleep and not being able to enjoy it means I am deprived. Thankfully, my sister will be on holiday soon so I should be able to catch up on lost sleep then. Call it culture shock or whatever you may, but since we arrived each of us has suffered a stomach upset. First was the little boy, then the second born, then my daughter and now me!

I guess our immune systems are adjusting to the different types of food that we get to eat. We have already been to the mall to look around and bought a few things. We will however wait for Christmas sales when the prices become irresistible. We plan on going to Austin and Dallas before Christmas to visit a close family friend and a cousin.

I am also contemplating taking the children to a place where there is snow. Christmas will not be complete if they don’t get to play in it. I have two friends who are coming over to see me. One is flying all the way from Canada and the other is driving from somewhere not too far away.

The guy from Canada is a recently acquired friend who I got to know through emails exchanged in the last few months. He is an elderly widower and a friend to some good friends. I am a little confused about what his intentions are, but I guess I will soon find out. One thing I look forward to is a wine that he will be bringing me.

I am sure a glass of wine will work well in helping me catch up on my sleep. He sent me a tiny bottle of it in Kenya, I loved it, hmm this Canadian Ice Wine.  The other friend is a woman I knew from back then, we were neighbours. I am excited and anxious to see her and look forward to rekindling our old friendship.

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