Photos/Video:Kenyan girls dragged away from village for dowry of 20 goats,three camels


This is the heartbreaking moment young girls in Kenya are sold into arranged marriages for a dowry of livestock as part of a traditional ceremony which marks their passing into womanhood.

Clad in tribal jewellery and with their hair tied up in braids, some of the women can be seen struggling as they are hauled away, traded by their fathers for 20 goats, three camels, and ten cows.

Many of the girls, who are members of the Pokot tribe, are not aware they have been bargained away until their husbands come to collect them after spending a month in isolation before the ceremony takes place.

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Struggle: A girl from the Pokot tribe in Kenya tries to escape after being sold as a bride by her parents in return for a dowry of livestock

Tradition: The girls are isolated from the village for a month before the ritual takes place meaning many are unaware they have been sold off

Harsh: One family said they had deliberately kept the arranged marriage from their daughter for fear she would run away if she found out

Payment: The livestock are paid to the girl’s family over a series of weeks, with the last being brought on the day of the ritual when the men will also collect their brides

Desperate: Life is a constant struggle for the women of the Pokot tribe as the people are also known to practice female genital mutilation

Often their parents will keep the details of the marriage hidden for fear that their daughter will run away if she finds out about the deal they have made.

As part of the ritual, which lasts a day and night, the village men will also select a bull from the herd of cows which the women will punch into submission before it is executed with a spear-thrust to the heart.

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