Audio:Another Kenyan woman killed in Saudi Arabia

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map-saudi-arabiaSorry,the audio above about the story is in vernacular language.

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Kenya’s Attorney General Mr. Githu Muigai has a demanding obligation to explain to Kenyans exactly why he has not ordered for the arrest of the owners of the Agencies which are luring Kenyan girls to Saudi Arabia, where they are tortured and murdered.

The headless body of a Kenyan girl that is in circulation through “Whats up”, is not only horrifying but one that draws tears on sight.  I personally would not help shedding tears when I saw the headless body, and listened to the audio message of a Kenyan lady in Saudi Arabia, pleading for prayers, saying their lives are in danger.
Those agencies are registered with the Attorney Generals chambers in Kenya. The Kenya Attorney General should release to the public, all the names of the Kenyan girls already trafficked to Saudi Arabia, and the names of their corresponding masters, to whom they were allocated by the Agencies. There is no doubt the Agencies have been keeping records of the girls and their corresponding would be masters in Saudi Arabia.
With those names of our Kenyan girls whose fate is currently unknown, and with the names of their corresponding Saudi masters, the Kenya Government should demand for an action by the Saudi Arabian Government, so that the location of each girl can be identified, for the purpose of  providing them with the necessary help. If the Saudi Arabia Government does not act to resolve this crisis, the Kenya Government should close the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Kenya
The Agencies in Kenya are fetching  Ksh. one million for every girl exported to Saudi Arabia.  Who are the owners of these Agencies? Are these Agencies owned by Kenyans in senior positions of leadership, who may be untouchable?
It is believed that the Agencies are taking the advantage of the high rate of unemployment and poverty in Kenya, to lure the Kenyan girls to Saudi Arabia with promises of good pay.
Kenya’s Attorney General, Mr. Githu Muigai should act immediately to save the Kenyan girls trapped in Saudi Arabian Homes. He is the only one who knows how many Agencies are registered in Kenya, and he is the best placed person to know how many girls who have been exported to Saudi Arabia by the Agencies, and who the girls are, by names.
Isaac Newton Kinity.



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