Boni Khalwale vows to defy NCIC summons over hate remarks


Boni KhalwaleKakamega Senator Boni Khalwale will not honour summons by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) to record a statement on inflammatory remarks he allegedly made during Fidel Odinga’s funeral in Bondo.

He said doing so would amount to ceding ground to oppression.

The legislator expressed shock at the summons, saying the window for free speech in Kenya was slowly closing under the Jubilee administration.

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“I was required Monday to record a statement over inciting remarks in Bondo but I will never appear because I made a fair comment on tribal appointments that have locked other Kenyans from accessing employment in Government,” Khalwale said.

Isukuti drums

And addressing mourners at the funeral of Peter Ashiono in Malimili last weekend, the senator said, “I do not fear being arrested. If you hear I have been nabbed, play isukuti drums knowing I am ascending the leadership ladder.”

He drew parallels between the current censuring of leaders for speaking against Government misdeeds and the Kanu era, expressing fear that Kenya was returning to the dark days.

Leaders cautioned police over implementing unconstitutional orders and urged them to exercise sobriety and professionalism.

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