EACC summons State House Comptroller over Gilgil video

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Alfred+Keter+2701The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has summoned State House Comptroller Lawrence Lenayapa and Tiaty MP Asman Kamama over Alfred Keter’s altercation at the Gilgil weighbridge on Saturday night.

The two will appear on Thursday to explain their side of the story after being mentioned by the Nandi Hills MP a number of times in the video that emerged on Sunday morning.

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EACC spokesman Yasin Amaro on Tuesday confirmed that Mr Lenayapa and Mr Kamama had been summoned and will appear at Integrity Centre on Thursday.

Mr Kamama is also the National Assembly’ Security Committee chairman.

“The two will appear on January 29. That is Thursday. It is in relation to the video,” said the EACC spokesman by phone on Tuesday.

Mr Keter was heard alleging that the weighbridge officers had ignored calls by the comptroller and from Mr Kamama.

He was with nominated MP Sunjeev Birdi (URP), whose truck was alleged to have been detained at the weighbridge.

The MPs’ actions have attracted outrage from the government and the two recorded statements at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Tuesday evening.

In the video, the two are seen harassing officers based at the station, demanding to know why they were not complying with their demands and not picking up phone calls from State House.

After the video emerged, the Presidential Strategic Communications Unit distanced State House from Mr Keter’s actions, saying he was merely name-dropping.


On Monday, Mr Keter and Ms Birdi vowed not to resign despite continued condemnation of their actions by Jubilee leaders.

They said they would not apologise for what they did, claiming it was necessary as they were fighting off the bribery demands made by the officers.

Addressing the media at Parliament on Tuesday, the two refused to apologise for their behaviour or the words that were used against the officers.

“How can I apologise to criminals. I cannot do that. They only gave the six minutes not the one hour we engaged them. They also provoked us so we could overreact in order to label us pig-headed and arrogant and name-dropping.

“I have never reacted like that before. I did that because of the challenges we face with corruption. We want to ensure every government is free from corruption,” said Mr Keter.

Ms Birdi criticised the way their actions had been interpreted, claiming that they were at the station to fight corruption.

“The issue of concern is the level of corruption in our country, in governmental institutions, that is denying businessmen a good business environment. Were we supposed to keep quiet about what was happening?” she asked.


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