Paul Kobia speaks out on Fidel’s death allegations

Businessman Paul KobiaNAIROBI, KENYA: Controversial Nairobi businessman Paul Kobia has for the first time spoken about allegations linking him to the death of Fidel Odinga.

Mr. Kobia denies ever uttering words to the effect that he had a role in the sudden demise of Fidel, Raila Odinga’s first born son.

“There are claims out there that I confessed to having killed Fidel Odinga; that is false and malicious,” he told the standard from his Chiromo Lane Medical Centre in Westlands in Nairobi.

The businessman who is recuperating from a psychiatric related illness, however says he will issue a comprehensive statement once the doctors discharge him.

“There were also reports that I was arrested outside Village Market after allegedly causing a stir and shouting what officials termed as ‘crazy and wild’ things. The truth is that police never arrested me but my family brought me to hospital.”

Kobia who appeared disturbed by the allegations linking him to Fidel’s death, said he could not harm or even wish ‘my friend Fidel’ any harm or his family.

“The late Fidel (may he rest in peace) was my personal friend while I have strong admiration of his father Prime Minister Raila Odinga. There is no way I could have plotted to harm him or injure his family,” he said.

Acting Inspector General of police Samuel Arachi had also explained that Kobia was not apprehended by police.

“We want to clarify that Mr Kobia was taken to Gigiri police station by his family who wanted to be assisted in having him restrained and escorted to a psychiatrist after he started shouting incoherently and acting violently,” said Arachi.

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