Wow Photos:Addis Ababa Has Just Built Tram Service


Ethiopia tram serviceAs Nairobi continues to deal with the never ending traffic jams, it may interest you to know that our northern neighbours Ethiopia have just completed a light railway service in Addis Ababa.

Built by the Chinese, the modern transport system will be officially opened next month. It consists of 41 trams with a maximum speed of 70km/hr. They will reportedly have a maximum capacity of 60,000 passengers per hour.

It is interesting to note that the entire project cost only KSh 42 billion. That’s almost what Thika Superhighway cost us to build.

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You can be sure that if a similar project was implemented in Nairobi, 42 billion would be spent on Chicken, feasibility studies and newspaper adverts.

Here are some photos from Addis Ababa.

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