A letter to my president, politicians and fellow Kenyan citizens


First and foremost, I thank the almighty God for putting us under one umbrella; our mother land Kenya. A home so beautiful, a people so wonderful. To describe it’s beauty will fail me as my words are only understatements. Also, the diversity of its people I cannot exhaust. I am glad I belong and east or west, Kenya will always be my best. My first love, my true love.

Mr. President sir,  I curtsy before you then raise my face with a broad smile as I say “Jambo, Bwana  Rais.” That you are  casual enough to shake my hand is humbling. Your smile is promising too. Allow me sir to commend you for the great job you are doing. I will be lying if I said that you have done zero work since you came into power. A round of applause to you  sir.  I am certain that if you continue with the same spirit and zeal, vision 2030 will be no more a dream but a reality.

Mheshimiwa Rais, I pass my regards from my young African brothers who admire you and wish they could be free with their presidents as we are with you. They have never imagined taking a selfie with a dignitary like you, let alone writing a letter. You are not of our continent they say. They are right, you’re heaven sent I tell them.

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My prayer for you sir, is that you will keep focusing on that which is important and will move the nation forward. That you will seize this moment now to give your best to Kenyans, and deliver the promises you gave when asking for the position. What else did we trust you with if not what you promised?  Worry not yourself now of how to reserve your seat for a second term, instead, work harder that the people will see a need to have you back. Let not words speak out for you, but what you have done. Do not wait until it is late. Let it be done now, as your motto goes, Kusema na Kutenda.  Usha sema yote Rais, endelea kutenda.

Forget not sir, that some of your children are out there in the Diaspora. Most student’s are having a hard time, among them scholarship students. These are the nation builders of tomorrow, why sir, won’t you put them into consideration?  Motivating them to want to give back to the country will serve a great deal, as many will opt to remain in the Diaspora for greener pastures.  Ukraine for instance is going through a historical economic crisis, your  students are the only ones not receiving support from their government. Mr. President sir, something better than silence can be done, my opinion. Let those in the Diaspora  be happy to belong. They are raising the Kenyan flag higher and spreading the Kenyan spirit. In the Diaspora, you will  meet more patriots than in the motherland. With the Kenyan flag all over around them; bangles, scurfs, Tshirts, caps, name them all, with the Kenyan emblem.

Forget them not, Mr. President. Thank you.



Mr. Politician,

Our mama Kenya  weeps because of you. This grieves me too, I hate seeing mama cry you know.  I almost said we are not of the same mother because of the shame you sent out to the world. That aside, you have let your people down.  You have ignored the needs of the very people that sent you to serve them. You have given a deaf ear to their cries and changed your contacts, or even worse, rejected their calls.  You are fighting hard to secure your position and political dream, you are selfish.  You have refused to invest in the future of the capable youths you represent, you fear or know that given a chance to succeed they will come and do better than you. You are corrupt and give positions only to your own, you have failed.  You are doing bad. Instead of being possessed by power, fulfill the needs of your people. Build them. Leave not a legacy of greed, but that you served and positively impacted on lives. Learn from our heroes like Jesus, Martin Luther King, Mandela, Dr. Myles Munroe, to mention but a few who knew what leadership is all about. It is not about you sir. It is all about the people. Serve them, fight for their rights and needs, mentor them and your legacy will live long.

My people,

My siblings, it is well. Open your eyes. Once bitten, twice shy they say. But you are difficult, you don’t learn from past mistakes. Don’t be deceived, friends. By their fruits you will know them, from the pulpit to the parliament. For how long will you be manipulated? For how long will you accept bribes when you have a right? For how long will you sell votes for a dinner only to stay hungry for five years? Don’t be short sighted, countrymen. See ahead. If they have not done it in five years, they will not do it in ten years. If they have nothing to show for the time they served, let them go! Don’t listen to lies, my people. Forget about the promises, have proof that they are worth it, make no assumptions when bringing them to power. We are lagging behind because of the choices we made, we are the ones to blame. We would have no regrets if we made the right choices. Let us for once be wise. Just because he is a tribe mate does not mean he is fit, we are too old for that. Give credit where it is due. Hate speech and tribalism should be history, we are one people.

Let us live in unity, a people united will always stand strong. Forget not that leaders are human too, they are not perfect, they never will be. Looking up to them for everything is like preparing for doom. They will disappoint, that is inevitable but they are still ours to love and support. Be patient,  but not door mats to be dusted upon. Know your rights as a citizen, play a role in the nation building.

A peaceful people is a peaceful nation. A better Kenya will be a better us. It all starts with us. It is not the president’s role, neither is it the politician’s. All of us as Kenyans must have it in our hearts to steer our country to greater heights whether at home, or in the Diaspora.  We are the Kenya we want to see, for Kenya to change, we must change for the better.

In  conclusion, let us put into practice the words of our national anthem.  Justice be our shield and defender. May we dwell in unity, peace and liberty. Build this our nation together. Service be our earnest endeavor as we fill every heart with thanksgiving. Also, firmly stand to defend our homeland of Kenya, heritage of splendor.

Daima, mimi mkenya. All Kenyan, All the time.

With Love,







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