Bizarre heist:Robbers break into ATM , walk away with Sh10 million

A gang of robbers walked away with a cool Sh10 million after cutting two ATM machines to pieces and stuffing the cash into a bag.

The bizarre heist which have left the police scratching puzzled about the audacity of the thugs happened on Thursday night in Athi River.

The criminals, who seem to have a thorough knowledge of Athi River’s Cooperative Bank ATMs, arrived at the scene and quickly kidnapped the guards at the branch.

Branch manager Lincon Mwangi told police an unknown number of robbers armed with crude weapons and a welding machine attacked two guards – Emmanuel Juma and Joshua Nyariki – and tied both their hands and legs with a rope.

The robbers bundled the two guards into the backseat of a Toyota Probox before using the welding machine to  break into the bank through the rear entrance.

Interestingly, the alarm that would have otherwise alerted the police about a robbery did not go off.

The men then broke into tow ATM machines and carted away over ten million shillings before attempting in vain to break into the strong room.

The robbers then drove to Nairobi and dumped one of the guards along Jogoo road while the other guard identified as Joshua Nyariki has gone missing.

In another incident, two rape victims are being treated at Nairobi Women’s Hospital after an ordeal with a gang of robbers in Kibera.

The twenty  and twenty three year old two women were walking home from their night shift work when they were confronted by five gangsters armed with two pistols who robbed and then gangs raped them.

Meanwhile, a police officer attached to Panagani Police station is being held in custody after he failed to report the loss of his pistol to his senior on time.

Corporal James Wandetto who had been assigned anti spiv duties is reported to have taken possession of a Ceska pistol serial number G.6143 loaded with 15 rounds of 9mm ammunition on February 21 2015 but never returned it to the armoury.

Four days later he reported the supposed loss of of firearm to the OCS Pangani who ordered his arrest pending arraignment in court to be charged with failing to take precautions to ensure safety of a firearm entrusted to him contrary to S4ection 18(3) as read with Section 18(4) of Firearms Act Cap 114 of the Laws of Kenya.


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