Photos:Tragedy as Uhuru mother’s name is dragged into public land grabbing saga


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Photos/Story By Anne Njeri Kanina

It is said ‘what you fear most might happen to you’.

This is the tragedy President Uhuru Kenyatta will face.

This is after appearing on on national television and condemning the way the Langata Road Primary School land saga was handled by the Ministry of Lands and the Lands Commission, but something else is in the offing for this top leader of Kenya that will also touch on his family.

The second tragedy for President Uhuru is that one of the women she loves most will also be dragged in this feud over land that belongs to a public primary school.

The name of the very first lady of the Republic of Kenya – Mama Ngina Kenyatta is at stake in this brewing storm.

A school named in honour of this respected very first lady of Kenya, PCEA Mama Ngina Primary School located along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and specifically at Kinoo in Kikuyu constituency is facing land grabbing threats from allegedly the Presbyterian church.

A land measuring about five acres the primary school hoped to put up a public secondary school is no longer available for them. This is because the PCEA St Stevenson Githii Church has constructed a private secondary school on the land and called the school ‘Kinoo Girls School’.

Chairman of the primary school Waiyaki Kihiko and treasurer Leonard Ngigi while speaking at the school produced the title deed for the land and a file of paperwork that shows the land is rightfully theres.

We wish to construct a public secondary school on the plot because Kinoo area has no such a facility, but our ambitions are thwarted by the church that is operating a school illegally on our land,” said Mr Waiyaki.

Mr Waiyaki also said they thought the church would seek a more peaceful way of solving the stalemate but they remained undermanned and that was why they were planning for a major protest against the church.

The church were to be trustees of the school and not take over the public institution and privatise it,” said Mr Waiyaki.

Meanwhile, Mr Ngigi challenged the church to produce documentation that shows that they not only own the school but the land too.

It is unfair for an institution (church) entrusted with the moral obligation of a society to be involved in an issue of land grabbing, and more so land that belongs to the community,” said Mr Ngigi.

It was also alleged that some of the funds used in developing the private secondary school came from the constituency development funds, public funds.

The two officials affirmed that in the coming week there would be a major protest in the school over the land.

In a letter seen by this reporter, the school officials make it clear that ‘they would forcefully take over the land’. The officials said this act would involve invading the said private secondary school and also protesting along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway over the injustice leveled against them.

The letter has been copied and sent to the Ministry of Lands, Lands Commission, area police heads and education officers in the county and sub-county.

Mr Ngigi adds that they thought they would get help from the Ministry of Lands to repossess their land but no communication was received from the said office.

By Anne Njeri Kanina:Diaspora Messenger contributor

Photos/Story By Anne Njeri Kanina

Photos/Story By Anne Njeri Kanina

Photos/Story By Anne Njeri Kanina

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