Photos/Video:Kiambu TNA Officials says involvement of other parties in Kabete By-election a waste of time

Aspirants sitting in red caps (from left Peter kariuki, Charles Maina, Simon Gathu, James Githua, Charles Chege

The words by Chairman of The National Alliance (TNA) party in Kiambu County Josiah Kuria during an aspirants meeting were a show of the absolute confidence the party affiliated to Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) has in winning the Kabete by-election.

Mr Kuriah said TNA was the dominant party in Kiambu and the aspirant who would win during the party nominations would be the next Kabete MP after the bloody and untimely death of George Muchai in the streets of Nairobi.

You can take this to the bank. Whoever wins during the TNA nominations will be the next MP for Kabete,” said Mr Kuriah. He said Kabete was in Kiambu, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s home county and through smooth, free and fair nominations elections the party would have a win.

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He was with Kiambu County TNA Coordinator Gladys Chania and Secretary General Solomon Ndungu who met 13 of the 20 aspirants who stepped forward seeking a TNA ticket to contest for the Kabete seat at the Wida Highway Motel

Among the aspirants present in the meeting were Lewis Nguyai (former MP), James Wanjohi (popularly known as kana funny), Charles Chege, Wanjiku Kinuthia (the only female candidate), Kavore Kariuki, Nicolas Muchai, Newton Njenga, Gibson Mburu, Peter Kariuki, Charles Maina, Simon Gathu, James Githua and Simon Ngugi.

Ms Chania explained why JAP would not have a candidate and instead they were having a TNA candidate. She said the United Republic Party (URP) would not have a candidate in Kabete since TNA was the dominant party in the area.

We do not have any JAP structures in any of the counties in the country, and anything happening under JAP is represented by URP or TNA, and the parties stand together as JAP during the campaigns and handing over of the ticket,” said Ms Chania.

The words by the officials predicted the rough terrain any candidate eying the Kabete parliamentary seat using another party would face.

Others contending for the seat but on other party tickets include Ferdinand Waititu and John Wamagata (Safina). There are also two members of the Kiambu county assembly Walter Ndambo (Kabete ward) and Charles Arahuka (Gitaru), but they have first to relinquish their current seats to vie for the parliamentary position.

The segmentation of Kenya into political blocks is a low point for the Kenyan population but a system that guarantees seats for parties.

During the meeting, officials told the aspirants requirements for nomination and code of conduct, tentative polling stations and the way the party works.

The officials also said that the date for the nominations would be slated and made known soon.

Mr Nguyai expressed confessed in winning the seat saying the others were just there to see him off.

All of you are here to see me off as I win in this by-election, and I am very grateful for this, and when I am the MP I will give all of you jobs,” said Nguyai. His comments were followed by laughter from those present.

Mr Wanjohi said he already had the vote from heaven and was only seeking the support of the Kabete people.

God has given me his vote, and now I ask the people of Kabete to vote where God has voted and see me as their next MP who will complete Muchai’s projects and do much more,” said Mr Wanjohi.

While Simon Ngugi deviated from the talk about politics and demanded that the Cotu seat left vacant by Muchai to go to a member of Cotu who hails from Kabete.

Aspirants sitting in red caps (from left) Kavore Kariuki, Wanjiku Kinuthia, Nicolas muchai, Newton Njenga, Gibson Kuria, James wanjohi and Lewis Nguyai:Photos/video-By Anne Njeri Kanina

The top contenders in the Kabete by-election, left-James Wanjohi (alias Kana funny) and Lewis Nguyai (former MP) at the meeting:Photos/video-By Anne Njeri Kanina

Kiambu TNA officials (from left) Secretary General Solomon Ndungu, Chairman Josiah Kuriah and Coordinator Gladys Chania:Photos/video-By Anne Njeri Kanina

By Anne Njeri Kanina: HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium #HTBLUFF/Diaspora Messenger contributor

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