Video/Photos:Chavakali students get a ‘rare’ treat at statehouse


Chavakali Boys High School students were hosted to a sumptuous lunch and a tour of Statehouse after a tantalizing performance at KICC that left President Uhuru Kenyatta in stitches.

The students sang and danced to ‘Zilizopendwa’ tunes during the launch of African Education International Conference that kicked off on Wednesday.

Uhuru took the students on a tour of Statehouse and even allowed them to sit on his official chair. The president at some point even straightened a necktie of one of the student.

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He later invited them to lunch in his dining room before the boys posed for pictures with him.

After the state lunch the students rewarded their host with a last performance before leaving.

It is not the first time the president has opened up statehouse and allowed students in. Uhuru hosted several groups including Gor Mahia team last year after they emerged as KPL winners.

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