Word For Today:Name your Price‏

A beautiful high class woman was invited to an expensive fund raising cocktail. She was seated next to a big short wealthy lawyer.

As they were having drinks, they got a chance to know one another and they were having a really good time. When it was almost time to go home, the lawyer leaned over and asked the woman if she would go to bed with him for 100,000 ksh.

The woman blushed but said that she would. The man then asked her if she would go to bed with him for 100 ksh. The woman was shocked and she said, “What kind of woman do you think I am? The man responded, “my dear, we have already established that, now we are mealy deciding on the price.”

We are all sinners by nature, but for us who confess Christ we have been saved by faith in Christ.The big question is, what would it take to make you to sell out?

Judas had a first-hand experience of the ministry of Jesus Christ. He was there when Jesus healed the blind man, he was there when Lazarus was raised from the dead.

Judas was there when Jesus multiplied the fish and the bread. He was there when Jesus walked on the water. Despite all that he had seen, heard and experienced, Judas had his price and it was thirty pieces of silver. His love for money was greater than his love for the Lord so much so that he was willing to sell Him out..

Peter also faced the same kind of test and he also denied Christ three times even though Christ had foretold him that it would happen. At the point Peter was so afraid of persecution and death that he denied his Master not once twice but three times.

The amazing thing is that after Christ’s ascension, Peter grew strong in faith and he eventually died as a martyr, no amount of money or pain could cause him to turn his back on the Lord So, what’s your price?

What is that thing that would cause you to deny and sell out the Lord? Is it the love of money like Judas or is it the lust for illicit sex?

Is it the fear of pain, persecution or lack? Whatever it is, you know it and if left unchecked like with Judas, it will snatch the very life of God from you.

Yes we are of a sinful nature but saved by grace in Christ. May we be like Peter who though he denied Christ 3 times, he did not allow the fear of persecution to hold him back but he grew in boldness and confidence to the point of death without selling out Christ.


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