Fourteen Kenyans arrested in Germany after using ‘fake’ passport story to stay in the country

Fourteen Kenyans have been arrested in Germany after attempting to remain in the country under false pretences.

A report by a diaspora site Mukenya Ujerumani said that two Kenyans arrived at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany on their way to Canvey Island claiming they had misplaced their passports and had to stay in Germany saying they did not want to continue to Canvey which does not require a visa from Kenyans and could not return home without a passport

However, the airline had details of their passports so they could still be returned to Kenya.  The site further reported that the authorities believed that this was an honest mistake until 12 other Kenyans landed on a Condor flight from Mombasa with a similar story.

The14 were arrested and detained in a cell at the airport waiting deportation to Kenya.

Ujerumani said the first two have arrived in Kenya. However seven of the 12 remaining in Germany have managed to convince authorities that they have valid reasons to remain in the country and their cases will be reviewed.


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