#KOT rally financial aid for sick actor with #OkoaMzeeOjwang hash tag

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Kenyans on Twitter #KOT have reacted angrily to the sorry state former Vitimbi star Benson Wanjau popularly called Mzee Ojwang’ is living in.

K24 TV posted a promotion on a feature they plan to air tonight about the one time darling of the audience with his humorous quips and comic expressions. Mzee Ojwang is ailing and apparently doesn’t have money.

Photos of the former TV sensation now show a man who is a shell of his old self reportedly living in abject poverty and squalor.

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Social Media users have come out in support of better treatment for entertainers who are part and parcel of Kenya’s television history.

The conversation on social media by different users is ranging from generally calling for better treatment of people in the entertainment industry.

Many users speak of fondly watching the Vitimbi show in which Wanjau was one of the leading acts.

We grew up watching him, he helped us with a piece of laughter. Years later, our comedian is ill. Let’s help him @K24Tv #OkoaMzeeOjwang

— TO PIMP A BUTTERFLY (@Dayvey) March 12, 2015

It’s a sorry state of affair. we MUST do something for our LEGEND! #OkoaMzeeOjwang

— Xtian Dela (@xtiandela) March 12, 2015

So sad after going through this hashtag! We should consolidate efforts for mzee @eriknjoka @xtiandela @KoinangeJeff #OkoaMzeeOjwang

— Leon Khalwale (@LeonLidigu) March 12, 2015

All living in destitute life after their brilliant careers #Conjestina #OkoaMzeeOjwang

— IsaacMoseti™ (@IsaacMoseti) March 12, 2015

Social media users are questioning what role Kenyans can and should play in offering assistance to the former actor who was hospitalised following a struggle with illness.

Other twitter users have called for more organised assistance to Wanjau with the suggestion that a mobile platform for fundraising should be set up.

@eriknjoka @KoinangeJeff @GitongaJackson @xtiandela Isn’t there a way that heroes in this country can be honored? Very sad #OkoaMzeeOjwang

— Ondieki Peruce (@Nyash01) March 12, 2015

#Okoamzeeojwang like he pulled us to the screens in his hay times,lets pool around him at his needy times

— MUTHANGA HUMPHREY MU (@muthanga_humph) March 12, 2015

Someone let me know what we can do. A little effort from everyone will go all the way to #okoamzeeojwang

— mbogo peter (@mwendambogo) March 12, 2015

@K24Tv #OkoaMzeeOjwang . Pls open a Safcom Till number tuanze kutuma kitu kidogo… Asante.

— Sidney Ng’aru (@sidostealth) March 12, 2015

#OkoaMzeeOjwang I will definitely help once the help line is set. Some things shouldn’t be happening when we have all thz rich politicians.

— Aziz Salim (@PacificAziz) March 12, 2015

Yet another section of social media users have floated the name of Nairobi senator Mike Sonko as best placed to assist the former actor.

Sonko who in the past has aided persons in the country in dire need of financial assistance has been called upon to extend his philanthropy to Wanjau.

@MikeSonko Here is a good cause for you to act.. >> #OkoaMzeeOjwang

— John Troon (@johntroony) March 12, 2015

How can we participate in #OkoaMzeeOjwang. Any Pay Bill number? @MikeSonko . It’s payback time. He made us smile. Let’s make him smile.

— Karani Mutonga (@Karanimutonga) March 12, 2015

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