Photos:Diaspora Scholar Heads Reuben and Alice Chesire Foundation


Photos:Diaspora Scholar Heads Reuben and Alice Chesire Foundation.
Photos:Diaspora Scholar Heads ReubenIn a colourful event held at the Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant in Runda, the Reuben and Alice Chesire Foundation was launched in an unforgettable night of glamour.

The black tie event was attended by Senator Gideon Moi, Senator Zipporah Kittony, Media guru Kiprono Kittony, Dutch Ambassador Joost Reintjes, Lady Justice Effie Owuor, Kenya Registrar General Bernice Gachegu, Tessy Mudavadi, Mutula Kilonzo’s son, Kiambu deputy governor Gerald Gakuha and Machakos University College Deputy Principal Prof Prisca Tuitoek among other Kenya elites.

The event was anchored on the theme, ‘together we build today, for a better tomorrow’ where the life of the departed Reuben was retold in passionate undertones and touching pictures and video clips, as memories were shared by family and friends present.

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In death, he still had such an influence because after Kenya exited colonial rule, the country was in need of young elites to propel the country from colonial governance to an independent democratic republic.

The founding father President Jomo Kenyatta needed to establish an economic philosophy based upon agriculture. He tapped Reuben Chesire, a brilliant strategist and farmer to head the Kenya Farmers association (KFA).

Reuben Chesire transformed Kenya’s economy through agriculture to what it is today.

Apart from agriculture where he is considered a legend, Reuben Chesire introduced farming policies that have been the driving force behind Kenya’s agricultural sector.

With the church community, he is celebrated for helping in the construction of many churches in rural communities working with such religious leaders like John Kamau of National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), John Gatu Moderator of PCEA and Rev Timothy Kamau of Bibilia Husema Studio.

He worked to improve the lives of the poor establishing for ever his belief in being his brother’s keeper.

The Reuben & Alice Chesire Foundation is headed by Diaspora Scholar Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) and philanthropist who was the keynote speaker. Prof Kamau termed Reuben as his brother’s keeper, a man who loved his own and showed this through his actions and the legacy he left.

Reuben is a household name in Kenya in politics, agriculture and contributed positively in the education of this country, and to set a standard for this country’s economic development by working selflessly and giving back to others,” said Prof Kamau.

Senator Gideon Moi who was accompanied by his wife said, “Reuben was a legend who transformed agriculture and dairy farming, and as head of KFA great strides were made. He was a philanthropist who went out of his way to give his own to those who did not have, and the foundation is a continuation of his life’s worth in giving to others and the less fortunate an equal chance and opportunity to compete in this world.”

Alice Chesire said, “We continue to support the community as we did with my husband when he was alive.” She was there together with their three children, Tim, Toroitch and Cherono.

Senator Zipporah Kittony said, “Reuben did a lot in his life, and he was a man of the people who cared about national interests and community interests.” She was also with his son Kiprono Kittony who was the master of ceremony.

Reuben and Alice Chesire Foundation seeks to improve rural livelihoods by providing supplementary access to quality education and health services within a healthy and productive environment by looking at long-term solutions.

Reuben together with his wife Alice, a trained agriculturist, have helped rural communities develop methods of self-propelling agricultural and business principles to personal growth and development. The family gave 50 acres of land and finances to build a primary and secondary school (Emdin Primary School and Makongi Boys Secondary school), and a church to serve the community.

Reuben and Alice have also spent years replanting trees in Uasin Gishu and Baringo in the belief that if humans take care of the environment, the environment would in turn take care of humans.

In support of health, the launched foundation plans to build a hospital in Makongi by the end of this year.

By Anne Njeri Kanina:HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium. #HTBluff/Diaspora Messenger contributor


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) and Kiprono KIttony


Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) was the keynote speaker during the launch, speaks to the guests

Senator Gideon Moi and the wife

Diaspora-DSC9102Diaspora Scholar Heads Reuben and Alice Chesire Foundation

-the Reuben Chesire family, from left is Cherono, Toroitch, Alice and Tim


Alice Chesire (left) and Senator Zipporah Kittony prepare to lift the cloth and launch the Reuben and Alice Chesire Foundation at the Lord Erroll Restaurant



some of the Kenyan elites present during the event


Toroitch Chesire welcomes the Dutch Ambassador Joost Reintjes and his wife



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