Photos:Kathy Kiuna,Notable Kenyan Women Spend a Day in Prison to Celebrate Women’s Day

Pastor Kathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church sings with Langata Women Prison Inmates

Bringing hope to the hopeless requires one to lay down their life’s comforts, joys, pleasures and day-to-day routine, and consequently make an impact in the lives of others.

This is what a group of notable women, and a few men, did this March 8 to celebrate International Women’s Day with a difference by bringing a smile on the lips of prison inmates at the Langata Women Prison, Nairobi.

Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons Benjamin Njoga, Senior Deputy Commissioners Rose Mutori and Wanini Kireri, Director Gender, NGO and Sports in Prison Florence Omundi and Pastor Kathy Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church were among those who attended the joyous celebrations.

Prison inmates were given opportunity to recite poems, showcase different outfits in a catwalk, sing songs, play a skit, play games and were engaged in speeches and the preaching of the word of God for their encouragement.

The guests interacted with the prison inmates, even playing the game ‘musical chairs where participants dance around chairs and sit when the music suddenly stops.

Pastor Kiuna was the preacher of the day, and she told the inmates to see beyond the prison walls and lead a life of great hope in God despite the odds against them.

Despite the mistake you did to find yourself behind these walls, you must see beyond the prison walls and live a full life knowing that God is in control in all circumstances,” said Pastor Kiuna.

After her uplifting and encouraging sermon, one inmate stepped forward and gave her life to Jesus CHRIST.

The theme for the International Women’s Day 2015 was ‘Make It Happen’. The theme was a call to action in recognising women, encouraging them to advance in their work, education and in every sphere of their lives across the world.

The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911 and is held annually on March 8 since then.


Senior Deputy Commissioners of Prison with Pastor Kathy Kiuna

Prison inmates play the game ‘musical chairs’

Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons Benjamin Njoga

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