Statement: Comedian Churchill apologizes for insensitive comment on MP rape allegation.


To err is human and Comedian Churchil is no exception.In his usual self,he commented about the rape allegation on a Kenyan MP and apparently the joke did not go well and he has decided to apologize.Here below is his apology.


I want to apologize to my fans and public at large expressly and sincerely for my choice of words at my recent commentary that I used in my social media accounts of Facebook and twitter, on the 23rd March 2015.


On reflection I realize that the context used during my interpretation of the situation at hand was misunderstood, I’m not a hateful nor a chauvinistic person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others of any nature.


I can only imagine the hurt, distress, embarrassment, awkwardness I have caused and the damage that it has done to our relationship, in particular all the women that I adore and cherish.


I would try and offer an explanation for what I did, but there are no excuses. My intentions, though good, don’t matter here: only my poor choices of words. I absolutely take responsibility for the actions and the terrible pain I have caused you.


I have learned from my mistake of how a misstatement can sometimes gain momentum of its own and overshadow good intentions.


Poleni Sana.




Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki

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