Video:Kenyans castigate Churchill for hosting & celebrating con pastor Kanyari


Kanyari and churchillIn what is probably Churchill’s most brazen attempt at ratings, disgraced pastor Kanyari was given a platform on the popular comedy show to brag about his prowess at making a killing out of desperate Kenyans.

On the family show, the pastor who was exposed on KTN’s Jicho Pevu and Inside Story, was cheered on by the hosts and the crowd as he declared that his followers have funded his lavish lifestyle. The good man who was exposed using con artistry to deceive his followers into giving money was lauded when he admitted to fondling a woman’s breasts.

“When someone has a problem with the body, I touch that part and pray for it. I wasn’t going to touch her head while the problem was in her breasts,” Kanyari continued. Even going ahead to state that the woman in question was not complaining and was healed.

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The sickening display of celebration continued to the glee of the crowd.

But many Kenyans were not amused and took to social media to air their displeasure. Questions of why cons and criminals were being celebrated on a family show were raised.

Lily Bett: Why give a liar so much airplay? Churchill hapo ulifanya blunder. Make sure umefanya apology

Joseph Kariuki Sashas: It was very embarrassing n so unprofessional for churchill to bring a conman to his show..what message was he sending to the younger generation? that if u fleece people using God’s name, u become a shameful to say the least!

Rose Tipis: Honestly I love churchill live but today proves he has nothing to offer anymore, he’s drowning down like Manchester United, ,,,what a pathetic show

Ngugi Nd?r?: What a crass Decision to Host this Man on the show why do we glorify wrong doing? Churchill next can we have Rapists and child molesters excusing their behaviour on prime time T.V it’s not funny .

Simbason Mwirigi: I couldnt imagine Churcill could stand this low…..this is an insult to kenyans we need apologies

@hawilugs: From rape comment to mocking God. What is wrong with this man?

‏@youngshiizy: Nothing is funny at all #churchillshow get back to the drawing boards #kanyari of all the people in Kenya?!!

@Agichia: @JessyTheMC That was simply below standards in the eyes on man, God might not view it as just below standards #Churchillshow

@eronoss: #Churchillshow what a great shame to this country. Yesterday’s show was a disgrace. #Kanyari

‏@MzalendoAlenga: #Churchillshow It’s time for self-questioning for Dan; everyone else can’t be wrong; can they?

‏@Livelife120: @JessyTheMC Justifying mocking God on National TV. And your groin being touched in full view of our children? Lowest of low #Churchillshow

‏@Kisemei: Me thinks such criminals should be watched on shows like casefiles by @Donsarigo and not on family shows like #Churchillshow.

@glentabs: I was shocked. I thought some police men will show up but that didn’t happen. #Churchillshow

@totohalua: Jana’s #ChurchillShow was blasphemy of the highest level. Celebrating Cons like Kanyari????Think Churchill&team are losing it. My two cents.

‏@ajanjaot: Were the crowd hired or something? #Kanyari #Churchillshow

‏@ndekejully: We live in a society where criminals, immorality, drug baron, corrupt are celebrated, having #Kanyari on #Churchillshow confirmed that

@jaypash: #Churchillshow #Kanyari …Kanyari confess to your faces and all you do is laugh?? God save Kenya!!

‏@kennie_ouma: This fraud #kanyari should just be stripped of that title “pastor” it breaks my heart!!!

‏@AndikiSimon: Very true: CORRUPTION CULTURE is part of Kenya now – #Kanyari being celebrated

‏@DMajobs: We give evil people an audience and neglect the truth. Our ship will continue to immerse everyday. #Kanyari #Churchillshow #NTV

‏@mkinyanjui: My view: it was wrong to allow #Kanyari to use @MwalimChurchill show to “vomit on our shoes”. Totally unacceptable! #Churchillshow

Disgraced Prophet Victor Kanyari allowed back on TV, admits to fondling worshiper’s breasts


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