WHY Ababu Namwamba and Kidero ‘MUST GO’ for ODM to Reign on Corruption


The ODM party has since inception pegged its agenda for Change on its commitment to the fight against corruption,among other integral parameters.The fight against corruption must be universally applicable irrespective of whether the subjects are in Government or the opposition.

The grave corruption allegations level led against Ababu Namwamba by virtue of his capacity as the Chairman of the PAC makes his position as the Chairman of this crucial house watchdog Comittee no longer tenable.He must therefore step aside to pave way for relevant organs of both Parliament and the state to conduct impartial investigations into the matter to determine the veracity or otherwise of those allegations.

Equally, Ababu no longer has the moral authority to continue clinging onto the position of Secretary General of the ODM Party.The Party Secretary General is the spokesperson of the Party.The image of the Party in the eyes of Kenyans will be heavily dented and perhaps at the lowest ebb if it’s own Policy advocate who is the SG is heavily implicated in graft.This will also rob the Party and it’s Presidential Candidate a crucial campaign message,namely the fight against corruption; in the 2017 elections.

To begin with, the Party should withdraw all its members in the PAC and nominate fresh names so that the crucial house Comittee is constituted afresh.The Party has enough members who can serve in that comittee.Chairmanship and membership to PAC should not the preserve of any individual or group of individuals.Next, the Party should asck Ababu to step aside from his position of Secretary General of the ODM Party unless and untils his name is cleared of these serious allegations.

By Eliud Owalo


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