Isaac Ruto: What happened to Goodluck Jonathan will happen to Jubilee in 2017


isaac_rutoNAIROBI: Council of Governors Chair and Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto has dismissed corruption allegations levelled against him in the Ethics and Anti-Corruption report.  Ruto insists he has done nothing wrong and that he will not resign. Here is the full statement..


My attention has been drawn to the allegations of corruption being leveled against me with regard to the management and expenditure of the Bomet County funds in a list presented to the President by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and which is the subject of debate on the floors of both houses of parliament and the public too.

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I wish, from the onset, to categorically state that the allegations are not only malicious but also baseless and which lack substance.

To claim that I own a chopper is a bad lie to the public. I can possibly not own a chopper, perhaps, one day I will own one or even a Dreamliner.

Today, instead of owning a chopper, I would spend my money on oil fields in Turkana which will be beneficial to the locals and the nation as whole. The EACC has claimed that I own a house worth over Ksh. 30M in Nairobi. I have no idea where this said house is and I invite the Commission to show me where it is located.

They have further claimed that I own 33 petrol stations. Nothing can be further from the truth. I own not a single gas station and again I invite the Commission to help me trace them for purposes of clarity. I have never sold even paraffin in my life.

So many unfounded allegations have been advanced against me in the EACC confidential report to the President including misappropriation of funds aimed at enhancing development in Bomet County.

Local MPs under instructions and sponsorship from the office of the Deputy President have been moving round the county making unsubstantiated allegations against me and even calling me names simply because I refused to dance to the music of their master. I have always ignored such and soldiered on with my work. They even brought leaflets with the aim of maligning my name, but the people of Bomet County ignored them. It is a pity that the content on the leaflets is exactly what is appearing in the EACC report. I find this to be a big joke on the side of the EACC.

It suffices to note that for the past two years, Bomet County has been voted the best County in terms of performance in the country and one would wonder how this could happen when the money earmarked for development is supposedly embezzled and spent on purchasing choppers, houses and setting up of petrol stations.

I want the public to know that I have some properties, but unfortunately, none of them is listed in the EACC report. This is pure malice and a ploy to smear my name with mud for reasons only known to the orchestrators and sponsors of this smear campaign.

I know I have been a target of politics of malice and humiliation by the powers that be for refusing to sing their song of bad governance, intimidation, mudslinging and hypocrisy. My position on the formation of Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) and my continued criticism of the party is the main reason for this smear campaign.

I want the Jubilee administration to know that Kenyans are not so naïve. They have matured both in thoughts and in terms of democracy. Jubilee should read the writing on the wall and be alive to the fact that what happened to JAP in Kajiado Central on March 16th 2015 awaits them in 2017.

What happened to a rigid regime of President Goodluck Jonathan on Saturday 28th March 2015 will happen to them in 2017. Finally, I maintain my position that I will not resign for I have done nothing wrong.

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