Sad Video:Father speaks on the loss of his son in Garissa Attack


In Uasin Gishu County, a father cannot bear the loss of his son, the family’s only hope for a better future. Philip Sawe sacrificed his all to pay for his son’s education and the Garissa terror attack not only claimed a young man’s life but also a whole family’s aspirations.



I am  Irene Masai. I live in Fort Bragg ,North Carolina where I am soldier. I was born in Eldoret ,Kenya. I was brought up in Cheptiret and went to Moi girls Eldoret. I know this family as my neighbours and went to school with them. After watching this video  it saddens me to no end that cruel inhuman people could take someone’s life and family’s hope. This family (Philip Sawe/ Wilson Lelei from Kapkong Uasin Gishu) lost their son through a coward gruesome attack by enemies in Garissa, Kenya. As you can hear the father recounts the hardship he had to go through to educate him is heartbreaking and gut wrenching. Lets come together and fulfil this young boy’s  wish to educate his other siblings and make this family’s future a better one. Also we can help cater for funeral expenses. If you cannt reach me you can reach Emmanuel Bor  (former student athlete University of Alabama) or any of my sisters fiona masai, cynthia masai or caroline masai as we organize this together.  We are going to send money directly through wave to his dad. Or if anyonewant to send directly to him through M-PESA OR WAVE hit me up i can provide phone #

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