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UHURU SIGNING-A-BILLAppointing the state agency heads was meant to be president Kenyatta’s best shot at consolidating his moderate allies. Instead it’s exposing curious cleavages in jubilee government,


President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto went ahead on Monday and announced the first batch of appointment to State Corporation. Several former cabinet ministers and politicians in both Kibaki and Moi government were appointed. Former president Kibaki’s daughter Judy Kibaki and Cord leader sister Wenwa Akinyi Odinga were appointed respectively.


Jubilee government plan to exploit this appointment in 2017 general election campaign to expand the party’s regional outreach.


“It’s a particular hot button issue for common citizen especially us the youth with no strong family background” Edith Wanjiku Kimondo an employee of Mobicom Kenya Ltd Nairobi wrote on her twitter


In most cases, there are no specific qualifications for Political Appointment positions, and since the appointments don’t come under Parliament scrutiny, they’re subject to be used as a political favors. However, Political Appointment while significantly responsible for implementing government goals and policies.” So I caution disregarding this as a small political incident soon forgotten” Charles Watwana of Sagana Bookshop told us.


Apart from cabinet secretaries and Supreme Court justice, whose nomination requires the approval of the Senate, the president has authority to unilaterally appoints people to high-level position within the government.


Peter Wainaina Ngugi, A resident of San Francisco, California wrote on his Facebook, “What may have been Short-term political gain for Jubilee could have lingering long-term political consequences”.

Report written by Samuel Wamwea Sr

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