Backlash against Kenyan lawyer who wants to marry Obama’s daughter

Backlash against Kenyan lawyer who wants to marry Obama’s daughter.
MALIA+OBAMAThere has been a severe backlash against the Kenyan lawyer who has reportedly offered to marry US President Barack Obama’s daughter.Felix Kiprono has offered a gift of cattle as a bride price for 16-year-old Malia Obama, ahead of Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya in July.  Barack Obama’s father, Onyango, is Kenyan.

FYI Malia Obama is 16 years old and (I) am sure you understand that she is still a teenager, even if she is not a teenager what a broad step you took, I am just curious if you as a person is going through the embarrassment that you have made Kenyans go through.
We are in 21st century dude, please don’t take us back to “back in the day”. We have worked so hard to be looked at still traditional people still offering cows and goats in exchange for women.
One Twitter user pointed out that Kiprono’s feelings for Malia Obama must have started when she was 10 years old.

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