Letter to the Government of China ” Please Spare Ms Owino’s Life


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I would like to thank your country for working with Kenya to empower Kenyans. The main concern of this correspondence is in regard to the impending execution of Ms Owino. First, I would like to know why Ms Owino’s family has been kept in the dark and only called when they were planning to execute her.Nice, I would also like to know if there Were any proper legal channels … Why call her family when you plan to hang her ? Is this Justice ? Is that the Law ? .
I appeal to you Mr. Xi Jinping to use your power in ways to strengthen international relationships btn your country and Kenya. Killing in the name of Justice is not Justice, It is coward, Its abhorrent and a mockery . We cant Combine Capital punishment and Drugs . Those are two different Topic. God Gives and Takes , When you kill you are no better than ISIS, Al Shabaab or Taliban. Mr President , Show your country’s strength and allow the world to witness an extraordinary act of humanity and bravery, We believe you can do this. Show all of us that there can be hope and true redemption in times of hopelessness and despair. Prove that Where true justice is better achieved in not killing, not ending the lives of and not destroying others.
I know that Ms Owino has already suffered for Two years, True rehabilitation may change her…Hanging her many not be the solution. The hurting reality of death consequences of Ms Owino’s crime has touched her and probably changed her . The hurt she has caused her family is already enough to be called punishment. Hanging her will crush their dreams, forever and Ever.
Back in Kenya, Ms Owino was a productive and hardworking Mitumba Peddle ..It is not good to end such a promising future. The situation at hand is to save her life, It is not too late as our moribund and uncaring Kenyan Ministry of foreign affairs claims. Nothing is too late.Ms Owino left her kid back here in Kenya. The Kid asks about her everyday . Free her and let her face Justice in Kenya, China can Join forces with Kenya to deal with the people who recruit such young people . The people are known, they have names. Its through Owino that you can know them, that is the bedrock of the problem, Killing her will not stop the Vice…Tomorrow it may be Fatuma or Mercy because you refused to address the problem fully.
For two years, she has been behind bars and the reality of her being hanged one day for her crimes has been knocking ….From dawn till dusk .
People make mistakes, sometimes big and horribly regrettable mistakes bt sometimes more people learn from their mistakes. People change and become greater people. Not giving them a chance to show the worth of that change is worse than the crimes they have committed. Hanging Ms Owino to serve as an example to others is criminal is not Justice considering the fact that people who sent her are free is not Justice, has never been Justice and will never be Justice. To Hang Ms Owino under these conditions is dark, Gruesome and Barbaric It is no different from ISIS, AL Shabaab and Taliban, the only difference is that one is legal and the other illegal.
Hanging those in the bottom rungs of the ladder in the chain of drug trafficking will not stop the Vice, Respect life.
cc Uhuru Kenyatta Kenyan President
cc Human Rights Campaign , Human Rights Watch
cc Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International TradeKenya

cc Barack Obama
cc United Nations

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