VIDEO:Musalia Mudavadi Drunk as a Skunk


There two types of drunk guys. Those that speak at the top of their voice and think they’re whispering, and those who whisper and think they’re speaking at the top of their voice.

Most of us pass through both stages, with the latter coming after one too many.. just on the verge of blacking out.

Someone recorded Musalia Mudavadi when he was at this stage.

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Over the weekend he hooked up with Raila, Orengo and some other ODM guys at a joint, and made the mistake of addressing the crowd after more than a few rounds.

The former Presidential candidate was so intoxicated he could barely hold up his mic.

Well, he hinted at going back home to ODM, but hey, my friends also promise to buy me a round when they are drunk, and I’m still waiting.

This is top video… up there with Alfred Keter’s weighbridge rant.

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