Drama Video:Chaos as youths disrupt Siaya Governor Rasanga’s rally


Siaya Governor Cornel Rasanga’s bid to address residents of Yala township turned chaotic when rowdy youths disrupted the meeting forcing police to shoot in the air to disperse them.

Rasanga had earlier in the day toured Muhanda and Mutumbu primary schools in Gem Constituency to give money for renovation of the schools whose roofs were blown off by wind recently.

Witnesses say at the two schools, youths reportedly allied to the governor and the area MP Jakoyo Midiwo heckled at each other, prompting the governor to intervene, urging them to maintain peace.

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Rasanga later visited Yala Township nominated MCA Anjeline Odhiambo to have lunch and his entourage headed to Yala township to address residents.

At the venue, all was well and the programme was kicked off by ward administrators introducing themselves.

However, when the area MCA Joseph Kawuor began to speak, members of the public began shouting his name, praising him. His appeals for them to be quiet and let him speak were not heeded.

It was then that Rasanga stood up and grabbed the microphone from the MCA and urged members of the public to be peaceful and quiet.

“Please be quiet and listen to my feedback from the US where I came from recently. I was sent there by our party leader Raila Odinga and I managed to meet President Barack Obama. Obama promised to improve health and build decent houses for Siaya residents,” Rasanga said.

But a scuffle ensued among youths who were behind the tent where the governor was seated. Plastic chairs were thrown at the podium from behind the tent.

Police were forced to shoot in the air to disperse the rowdy crowd which was advancing to the podium, forcing Rasanga security to whisky the governor to his car and take off.

There has been bad blood between the governor and some MPs in the county.

Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo has on many occasions criticised embezzlement of county funds in the construction of the county staff offices.



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