Governors and senators team up for referendum


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MunyaTHE governors have joined the Senate in its fight with the National Assembly, saying they support the senators’ call to amend the constitution.

Council of Governors’ chairman Peter Munya said that they welcomed the realisation by senators that MPs need to be tamed.

Munya disclosed that they will soon meet the senators and discuss how to deal with the constant “misuse of power” by MPs and how to enhance devolution.

The Meru Governor said initially the Senate opposed the Pesa Mashinani drive, but now that they have become victims of parliamentary misconduct they have agreed there is a need for a national referendum.

“When something affects you directly, your eyes open and you realise there is something wrong – now that they were denied money by the National Assembly they have realized the truth,” Munya said.

He added that while senates elsewhere are the Upper House, in Kenya they find themselves contending from as the Lower House.

“These lacunas need to be corrected, our constitution is very good and now it’s time for us to amend the constitution because we know the gaps and the loopholes and we need to act; one of the ways is to strengthen the Senate because the National Assembly has had a history of misusing its powers,” Munya said.

Last year, governors launched the Pesa Mashinani campaign, which is aimed at amending the constitution to increase funding for the counties.

Munya said that the senators were now welcome to join the referendum campaigns, given their change of heart on the matter.

Cord also has a referendum campaign, dubbed Okoa Kenya, and has previously urged the governors to join them.

On Monday, the senators declared war on their National Assembly colleagues, describing them as a House gone rogue and vowed to clip their powers by amending the constitution.



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