Hilarious Video:Kibaki arguing with a poor woman


Former president Mwai Kibaki responds to a poor woman with serikali nisaidie tafadhali.Very funny


Jane Anyango: Stuck In Same Predicament

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She is known by most viewers as “mama serikali tafadhali” a mother of 6 from the flood prone Kano plains in Nyando, Kisumu County. She is a perennial flood victim who has been captured on camera by Citizen TV, year in year out, when river Nyando busts its banks. And every other rainy season she is the voice of the Nyando people, always pleading with the government to help. We caught up with Jane Anyango Adika, after the Kenya Meteorological Department issued an alert of looming floods, to find out from her whether she will be moving to higher grounds, to avoid what has become her annual tribulation. Judy Kosgey has that report.

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