Kenyan lorry driver and conductor charged for transporting Somali aliens

Somali AliensThirty two aliens were on Friday arrested and arraigned in a Mwingi court

Before resident magistrate Grace Kirugumi, the 32 were charged for being illegally in Kenya and they all pleaded guilty.

The 32 were arrested at Nguutani police barrier along Mwingi-Thika highway in a lorry transporting charcoal from North Eastern parts.

The aliens could not speak or understand any other language apart from Somali.

The driver of the lorry Robbert Mwangi and the conductor of the lorry Erick Mwanzia Tito were charged with human trafficking.

The investigating officer Charles Maragu urged the court to give him three days for further investigation.

The magistrate granted the three days and the aliens are under Mwingi police custody until June 22.


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