MHH International Testimonial:Importing a car from the UK made simple

Jaspers-CarWe had earlier mentioned that Chase Bank Kenya has partnered with a leading UK importer MHH International to make importing a car from the UK as simple and pleasurable as you’d always hoped. Below is a testimonial by Jasper Ochieng, who is a beneficiary of this partnership and also the Head of Business Development at Chase Bank.

“Importing a good car has continued to get more and more complex with dealers playing all manner of tricks to cash in on the demands. I can say my interaction with MHH International team was God sent! I not only got an excellent unit, but at an excellent cost and the service pre-purchase and after-purchase was and continues to be excellent. The MHH team is more of a family than what they say they are. The guys are quite amazing.

I’m very happy that Kenyan’s can now access their services more easily thanks to the financing partnership with Chase Bank. Over the years I’ve imported cars: I can’t see anyone coming close to them. They are unmatched.

Best Regards,

Jasper Ochieng, Nairobi.


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This post was originally posted on Chase Bank Kenya’s blog – Chase Stories

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