Photos:I was President for four minutes – Chavakali boy


Chavakali BoyChavakali Boys High School students are waiting for the President Kenyatta’s visit to their school.

Student Emmanuel Makomere says Uhuru made the promise in February when the students visited State House following a lunch invitation by the Head of State.

Makomere, 19, got to sit on the President’s chair at State House.

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Uhuru adjusted the form four student’s tie before jokingly telling him he has been President “for only four minutes”.

Makomere said he never imagined setting foot in State House, let alone sitting in the President’s chair or having the Head of State adjust his tie.

The Chavakali school choir was invited to entertain guests at Africa Educators Forum at the KICC.

Uhuru, who opened the forum, invited the choir for lunch at State House.

The choir performed the song ‘Mwambie Stella Nimefungwa Jela’ by Matayo Festo of Utawala Band.

The President took them round State House before they sat down to the ugali and chicken lunch.

Makomere said the choir enjoyed every moment of their three-hour stay at State House.

“I was at the back when the President’s bodyguard took my hand and led me to him,” he said.

“He stood up, buttoned my collar and adjusted my tie. He then asked me to sit in his chair. For a minute I thought I was dreaming.”

Asked what he told the President while on his seat, Makomere said: “You have invited us to your house, now I invite you to Chavakali Boys. Will you come?”

“Why not?” Uhuru said.

Makomere said he counts himself lucky to have been chosen, out of the 47 boys and three teachers present, to sit in the President’s chair.

The student said he refused to shake anyone’s hand for 48 hours after greeting the President and said he will keep the knot tied by the President for a long time.

He is now referred to as Uhunye, a slang word coined from the President’s name, Uhuru.

Makomere’s mother Millie Ravoga said meeting the President has boosted her son’s morale from a shy boy to a vibrant and charming young man.



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