What is the Most Tempting thing in the World Today? Are you innocent?

Humanity has been victims of temptations. When you hear that a person with the name James, or Elizabeth have been arrested for murder, robbery with violence, etc, remember that many got those names through baptism! But with modern technology we must ask ourselves some questions: Has God become so withdrawn that people have forgotten about Him? Does Christianity mean anything anymore? It seems the world has declared faith as unnecessary! Is faith in God necessary and if it is, does it have any role in our lives.
The Irish who have historically been classified as catholic and protestant seem to say that belief in God does not have any role in their lives: that one can be a believer in Jesus Christ without submitting to the requirements of faith. According to one priest, the Irish vote in support of Gay Marriage was a defeat of the human race. According to one Cardinal, the Irish acted worst than pagans. The definition of a Pagan varies with dictionaries. They however agree on one note: A pagan is one who does not have any religious ideology at all. Of course in the modern world and as people become politically collect, a Pagan is defined as one with “other” religious affiliations outside of that which is widely acceptable.
In this definition, every human being is religious. This however goes against the fact that there are millions who do not adhere to any religious philosophy. But is religious affiliation only a philosophical and mental excise? Does religious affiliation demand conduct becoming of religion? You see, my Kenyan affiliation demands my submission to that which is Kenyan. Whether it is my love for Ugali, my brotherhood with other Kenyans, my making of Chai to all who visit my home, and my cultural tradition which include and is not limited to hospitality. These define my Kenyan-ness outside of my passport!
One thing that is truly expressive of Kenyan-ness is hospitality. I love going back to the village. When I visit a home in Kosirai Nandi, or my mother’s home in Khumsalaba, the first thing the women in the village do is welcome me. They find fire wood, light the fire, kill a chicken, make ugali, cook tea and serve me. And before serving they give thanks to God: ‘Na Tuombe” they say.
I can therefore claim that being Kenyan involves hospitality and submission to God. Can we then negate the necessity of God?  And if not, must we not then ask what God requires of us. Or should we just invoke his name without submitting to his requirements? Does not the WORD demand obedience? How can we claim the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Ishmael, and dismiss his call to obedience of the Word?
It is true that God knows our fallibility! Behold the human nature in Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Peter, Paul and the church historically. We do not follow in the way of faith because we are perfect. However, we cannot be people of faith and not seek to follow the requirements of scripture!
One of the consequences of modern technology is globalism. As every young person gets connected to the internet the devil also has connected. Historically, acts of moral degradation were limited to identifiable relations with nature. Men and women committed questionable moral acts in a clear human concept. But with the internet, the devil has created major sites accessible by the touch of a button! By typing some words, humanity can now enter into the world of the devil and play with naked women and men in the comfort of their homes, cars, office or in a bus, matatu, or even while sitting in church. A young lawyer said she has seen women get degraded by internet pornography! “We have become value less to men.”
The devil has come home and become a comfort for many! He has given even the usually ignored male or female access to beauty and relationships not accessible before. Therefore, the devil, knowing this desire has studios, homes, apartments, and hotels online. These are now accessible by all. According to one Catholic priest, “It goes back to Genesis 1,” he said. “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. Then he told them to ‘be fruitful and multiply.’ We see right there in the beginning the revelation that male and female, that complementarity, symbolizes the Holy Trinity, and in their fertility they carry out the life of the Trinity.” http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/the-dis-integrating-of-reality/
Sexuality is a divine imperative! However, Sex has become the most tempting of evil. It is so powerful that even the clergy find themselves clicking to get the feeling of satisfaction devoid in their lives. When God created male and female he intentioned within his decree the whole force that is sexuality. This however he did before the fall. After the fall, he did not reverse the force to limit the attraction and desire. Therefore, fallen humanity finds themselves with this anatomy and physiological force which is part of their DNA. Knowing this, the devil, who uses our weaknesses declares again, “I will give you all this, just worship me” becomes a camera online! The Standard Newspaper in Kenya is moving towards this direction of submission with articles glorifying sexuality!
St Augustine was a victim of this force of nature. As a church father, he decided that the way to overcome this monster that occupied his life before conversion was to literally fight femininity. His extreme progression to rescue himself shows the historical war within humanity to remain faithful to the WORD in an environment where Satan is King!
For those who are in this fight, take heart for others have been there.  The secret is the individual declaration of war: spiritual war against oneself. St. Paul calls it, beating one’s body!
Teddy Njoroge Kamau (PhD) HTBluff Associates. An EMG Consortium @HTBluff. Diaspora Messenger Columnist

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