Video:I Own Weston Hotel, DP William Ruto Says


NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 3 – Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday evening admitted that he owns shares in Weston Hotel along Langata Road.
Speaking on Citizen TV’s ‘The Big Question’, he however denied grabbing land belonging to Langata Road Primary School which is located on disputed land next to the hotel.

“Weston Hotel is completely different from Langata Road Primary School, we were not allocated the land, nor did we buy it from KCAA (Kenya Civil Aviation Authority). We bought the land from people who had been allocated the land, and the documentation is there,” he explained.

He said linking him to grabbing the school land as ill motivated, saying it should not be linked to the hotel where he owns shares.

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“The owner of Langata Road Primary School is still in court claiming ownership, he has not denied ownership, he is not a ghost, he is not a foreigner, he is a Kenyan, and he is in court. He is the owner of Airport View Ltd. It is not something you can apply guesswork, how is a Kenyan who is in court and he says I am so and so, how does that become William Ruto?” he queried.

Ruto further regretted that his name had been dragged into allegations that he orchestrated tear-gassing of children from Langata Road Primary during a tussle over the disputed piece of land.

“I want the one who is making that allegation to look at me. My name is William Ruto,” he said.

According to Ruto, there have been political efforts to frustrate the good working relationship between him and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He claimed that his political competitors have devised avenues that they can use to interfere with implementation of the Jubilee manifesto.

The Deputy President further linked political fights against him to tribalism by a section of politicians.

“Uhuru Kenyatta was told from day one you can’t work with William Ruto because he is baggage; you know the Kikuyus and Kalenjins have fought. So you can’t work with William Ruto because he carries the baggage which the people of Central Kenya can’t agree,” he claimed.

But on realising that basis did not deter the two from working together, Ruto explained that they came up with a new strategy of using incidences of insecurity and corruption to split their government.

He said linking him to corruption was a major campaign tool used by the opposition and other political rivals to fight him.

“When they realised we were delivering on our pledges, then they decided to say we are going to fight these people on two things, one insecurity, two corruption, what do we do? We must colour William Ruto corrupt, so get everything and put it on William Ruto so that he can be seen to be the bad guy. Some of the people are our political competitors and some of the people whom we have stopped from creating a scandal out of the railway,” he said.

In January this year, National Land Commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri said the land in question belonged to Langata Road Primary School.

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However, sections of the media and social media alleged that Ruto had grabbed the land.

On January 19, children demonstrating against grabbing of their land were tear-gassed by police and again sections on social media pointed blaming fingers at the deputy president.

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