SHAME: Ethiopia Rolls Out ‘Nusu Mkeka’ for Obama


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Ethiopia nusu mkateKenya went to the extreme in welcoming US President Barack Obama home. From Kidero’s grass, to the multiple billboards, to the flags that dotted the entire Thika Road. The government literally directed all efforts in preparing the capital to host the most powerful man on earth.

Our colleagues in Ethiopia were however less enthusiastic.

The country may not be richer than their Southern neighbours, but you’d have expected some decent looking red carpet. The first thing to greet Obama at the airport was bare tarmac. The rain can probably be an explanation for that, but then I saw this.


I’m not talking about the colour, but its width makes it look like an indoor carpet, quite similar to what I have in my house. Look at this angle.


This guy on Twitter could have sworn someone stole his carpet and sent it to Ethiopia.

This is Obama at the airport.


Then there was this.


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