Inspiration:When ” the educated” leave more questions than answers

Whether its fair or not, much is expected of those who belong to the class/realm of “the educated” or “my learned friends” as it were. These are individuals who have spent some reasonable amount of time in the halls /corridors of higher learning. Such are expected to be different from all others. In what ways?

1. The way they reason

2. The language they use

3. The way they perceive/analyze/handle  issues

4. Their mannerism

5.Should not use their education in intimidating/looking down upon others

6. They should be smart enough to isolate daily garbage from the real news

7.Its beneath their status to chose character assassination of fellow human beings

8. They should live above racial,tribal, or clannish mentality

9.They must remember at all times that the society looks up unto them for guidance

10. They must recognise the existence of God who alone in the Creator of the universe

Lack of the above by those who claim to be educated leaves more questions than answers. Their educations ceases to be of any value or what do you think?

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