Video:Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife at Police Station after he was arrested

Video:Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife at Police Station after he was arrested
Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife at Gigiri Police Station moments after he was arrested/MUTHONI NJUKI

Video:Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife at Police Station after he was arrested: NAIROBI, Kenya, August 19 – Pastor James Ng’ang’a who has been accused of causing the death of a woman in road accident, will spend Wednesday night in a police cell.

The Neno Evangelism Centre preacher was arrested at about 12.30 pm in the company of his lawyer near the Serena Hotel and was taken to the Traffic Police Headquarters in Ruaraka before being transferred to the Gigiri Police Station.

Speaking to reporters shortly after Ng’ang’a was booked in, lawyer Cliff Ombeta described the manner in which his client was being handled as undignified.

“We believe that this matter is simply a traffic matter. It is causing death by dangerous driving which we are denying. Why should it be given some kind of magnitude and when everybody else goes to court they are given a cash bail of Sh20,000 and Sh100,000… what makes this so different?” he asked.

“Is it because it is a high profile person? Is it because the DPP has been involved in the investigation? Is it because the Inspector General believes he has been lied to? We believe that if they are aggrieved and their ego has been injured, let them not extend this to the pastor. The pastor is an innocent person until proved guilty,” he declared.

Ombeta indicated that Ng’ang’a was willing to voluntarily present himself to the police but instead was tricked into meeting the officers before being arrested.

“In any case the DPP asked for the gaps to be filled. The DPP says that the file has been brought back to him. He himself said that the gaps have been completed and the matter should now be taken to court. Who are these policemen to now say that they want samples after the DPP has made a conclusion about it? We are not going to agree,” he vowed.

He complained that Ng’ang’a was not granted bail contrary to the Constitution and stated that they were directed to the Traffic Commandant who could not be reached.

Ng’ang’a was arrested moments after his lawyers moved to court with an urgent application seeking to block his prosecution.

“One thing that is certain is that as they do this, they have been served with the application. As they do this arresting and processing of the file, they have been served by 11 o’clock in the morning so it is not something that they can say is new. They know that this matter is coming up tomorrow so what did they do? To try to beat the system… they arrest my client. If we cannot stop the arrest, we can still prevent the matter from proceeding,” he stated.

The application is due to be heard Thursday morning when the police are due to charge him in court.

Video:Pastor Ng’ang’a’s wife at Police Station after he was arrested

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