Dr. Auma Obama and her meteoric rise to fame on Kenyan soil

Auma ObamaDr. Auma Obama, President Barack Obama’s Kenyan half-sister, and the meteoric shooting to fame of Auma on Kenyan soil on Friday, 24th July 2015, on the occasion of President Obama’s three day visit to his ancestral Kenya:


President Barack Obama inviting his Kenyan half-sister to ride with him in his limousine at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Friday, 24th July 2015, was indeed a glowing honour, tribute and checkmate for and to the gorgeous Auma, even though it appears to have escaped the attention of numerous Kenyans that Auma actually first shot to global fame just under seven years ago, on 4th November 2008, in the historic acceptance speech of then Senator Barack Obama, following then Senator Barack Obama becoming President-elect of the United States of America. On 4th November 2008, just under seven years ago, then Senator Barack Obama made a personal tribute to his Kenyan half-sister Auma during, in his historic 17 minute acceptance speech as President-elect of the United States of America.


In his said 17 minute acceptance speech of 4th November 2008, Barack began by paying glowing tribute to his opponent in the 2008 US Presidential election, Senator John McCain, then paid glowing tribute to his 2008 running mate, then Vice President-elect, Joe Biden. Barack then went on to pay glowing tribute to his wife Michelle and their two daughters Sasha & Malia. After this, Barack paid glowing tribute his maternal grandmother Madeleine Dunham, though he interestingly omitted paying personal tribute to either his mother Ann Dunham or his maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham. Barack paid tribute to the family on his mother’s side using the following words:


“And though I know my grandmother is no longer with us, I know that she is watching along with the family that made me who I am; I miss them tonight; my debt to them is beyond measure.”


It is interesting that Barack did not pay a personal tribute to his maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham in his said 4th November 2008 acceptance speech, because Barack speaks rather highly of his maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham in his book “Dreams from my Father”, mentioning how his maternal grandfather had time for him when he was under the care of his maternal grandparents while growing up in Hawaii.


After this Barack paid tribute to his Indonesian half-sister Maya and then his Kenyan half-sister Auma. After paying personal tribute to both Maya and Auma, Barack concluded his tributes to both sides of his family by thanking “all my other brothers & sisters for all the support you have given me”.


Barack then paid glowing tributes to his campaign manager David Plouffe, his chief strategist David Axelrod, and above all, all Americans. He said he was “never the likeliest candidate for the presidency”, before paying personal tribute to 106 year old Ann Nixon Cooper, one of the voters in the 4th November 2008 US Presidential election, using Ann Nixon Cooper as a glowing example of the strides that America had made i.e. Ann Nixon Cooper was born just one generation after slavery, a time when someone like her could not vote for two reasons i.e. because she was a woman and because of the colour of her skin i.e. she was Black. Barack then concluded by making a passionate appeal for Americans to unify.


It further appears to have escaped the attention of several Kenyans, that Auma soon thereafter, makes a private visit to Washington DC, to President Obama and his family , as captured by a photograph in the “Sunday Nation” of 9th May 2010. Auma thereafter then appears in a photograph in the “Daily Nation” of 22nd January 2013, behind President Obama’a daughters Malia and Sasha, on the occasion of Barack’s second formal inauguration as US President of 21st January 2013, strongly indicating that Auma also attended Barack’s first inauguration of 20th January 2009, and also strongly indicating that Auma has to date, made a number of private visits to the White House in America i.e. ever since Barack’s first formally became US President on 20th January 2009.


The first link below contains an image of Auma’s visit to President Obama and his family on 8th May 2010 as stated above, the second link below is of Auma at President Obama’s 2nd formal inauguration of 21st January 2013 as stated above, the third and fourth links below contain other images and info on Auma, while the fifth link below, is Barack’s said 17 minute acceptance speech of 4th November 2008, as posted at YouTube, the 17 minute speech of 4th November 2008, in which as stated above, Barack pays a personal tribute to Auma.

By Michael Mundia Kamau

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