Drama as Woman MP attempts to strip over Senator Muthama’s remarks

There was drama in Katongora village in Ruiru, Kiambu County after Ruiru Member of Parliament Esther Gathogo attempted to strip in protest of Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama’s remarks which intimately linked Devolution CS Anne Waiguru to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The MP was in Katongora village Friday afternoon to address a group of elderly women known as Green Army where she pledged to help them organize themselves in small constructive groups which will make it easy for administrators to look into their welfare.

The drama unfolded when she started addressing the role of women in society and in the process denounced the claims that women have to exchange intimacy acts for them to get top positions in the community.

Making reference to Senator Muthama’s recent remarks at the CORD rally on Wednesday, the legislator lamented: “I heard Muthama say that CS Anne Waiguru got her ministerial position because of her closeness with the President.”

“No, women don’t have to engage intimately with men to qualify for respectable government positions,” she retorted.

“If he (Muthama) thinks that we do that to be rewarded with top positions, and that women are different, I would strip and show him that we are not any different.”

Just as she started to lift her dress up, the women who were present at the gathering thronged the podium in numbers and firmly held the hem of her attire preventing her from stripping.

Senator Muthama is said to have termed Ms Waiguru as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s favourite CS despite being embroiled in graft allegations in the National Youth Service where over Ksh 700 million was lost through questionable procurement process.

Muthama is also accused of alleging that the CS also has an affair with the Head of State and called for her removal from office.

It is these remarks which have come to haunt Muthama as pressure is continuously being exerted on police and senate by activists and female protestors to summon Muthama over the inflammatory accusations.

The protesters, predominantly women, want Muthama to apologize, be arrested and prosecuted for undermining a public officer, especially women, lest they will initiate a public arrest.


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