Word of encouragement:The Donkey In The Well

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“Your rock bottom, can become the solid foundation on which you rebuild your life” – JK Rowlings
Dear Diaspora Messenger reader,

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I missed inspiring you. Yes it´s been a while…,
Live By Design Radio has been off air for a bit, but we are back with season #2.
Adversity came knocking on my family doors but with God there is always hope. I was down, but not out…
Sometimes life throws us problems that knock the wind off our sails. But as long as we don´t give up and take it lying down the storms of life come and go.
Tough times don´t last, but tough people do. The key is to resist a victim mindset, and instead choose to press through the problems optimistically.
Tune in to this hadithi episode and discover what a donkey, a farmer and an old well can teach us about overcoming challenging situations in life.
At the end there is a special CD download gift that you can claim for free. If you like the podcast, why not share with your friends? Claim your MP3 download here today: www.lbsuccess.com/wof.html
Nancy Gathecha is passionate about inspiring to women achieve their potential.
Visit her website: www.LBSuccess.com

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